Sell directly to shared mobility operators

Joyride Garage is the only open and global ecommerce marketplace specialized for the new mobility industry. We connect buyers and sellers of fleet products on a unified B2B platform.


Don’t wait for buyers to find you

Shared mobility operators are actively seeking reliable and innovative vehicles and fleet solutions. Joyride Garage expands your reach and showcases your products where they matter most.


Simplify the fleet supply chain

The Joyride Garage Vendor Dashboard does it all. Set your own MOQs, manage inventory, send quotes, live chat with customers, and leverage user-friendly reporting with detailed data analysis of store metrics.


Spend more time selling to your ideal customer

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Risk-Free Sign Up

Joyride Garage is free to join. Create a vendor profile and list products without any upfront fees. 

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Focus on Sales

Streamline your sales process with automated tools. Nurture deals from quote to checkout.

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Easy to Manage

Use the Garage Vendor Dashboard to manage orders and communicate with buyers instantly, from anywhere.

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Secure Payments

Closed a deal? Joyride Garage handles secure payment processing so you get paid immediately. 

1. Register as a vendor

Register your vendor account on Joyride Garage account here and enter your contact and company information.

2. Onboarding call

We will reach out to you to get to know each other, find the right conditions for your business and sign an agreement.

3. Set up your storefront

Meet your immersive vendor dashboard that makes store management as simple as a few clicks. Set up your store profile and settings for your online sales.

4. Start selling

Inventory uploaded? You’re ready to roll! Manage customer inquiries, quotes and payments through the vendor dashboard and leave the rest to us.

Learn more

Still have questions? Keep scrolling to read our FAQ or schedule a consultation with the Joyride Garage Team.

Who can sell on Joyride Garage?

Vendors specializing in large orders of fleet products (vehicles, smart locks, docking stations...) are ideal candidates to sell on the Joyride Garage. This includes manufacturers, OEM, wholesalers, dealers, refurbishers, fleet owners selling their used vehicles, and more. 

Do my products need to be integrated with a specific software system?

Joyride Garage buyers use a wide range of fleet management software suites, and hardware types. Sellers are not required to be integrated with the Joyride software platform or any other software to sell their products.

How do I communicate with buyers?

Joyride Garage has a chat function. When a customer visits your product page, a chat window automatically opens. When a customer sends you a chat message, you automatically receive an email notification (check spam folders!) and a notification on your vendor dashboard. The chat window will automatically open when you log in your seller account and you’ll see the buyer’s name as well as the product the chat is about.

How much control do I have over my product listings and storefront?

You have all the control you’re used to from other marketplaces as well. Joyride Garage only reviews for possible illegal content. But the vendors can edit and publish their storefront by themselves, decide whether they show the product prices, in which countries their products are shown and much more. The more effort you put into your listings and storefront, the more likely you are to get leads.

What fees do I pay as a vendor?

Signing up and listing your products is free! The Joyride Garage only takes a commission for every deal obtained via our marketplace--meaning there is no risk in listing your products on our marketplace. The detailed costs will be shown in your Commercial Partnership Agreement once you registered and had a call with us to agree on your individual conditions.

How are payments managed?

As of 2023, Joyride Garage offers direct bank transfers and STRIPE payment options that include credit cards and local payment options for direct debit. B2B orders are on average of large size, which is why buyers prefer direct bank transfers to avoid expensive credit card fees. The Garage checkout thus offers WISE as an option for international bank transfers. Once Joyride receives the payment, the buyer and the vendor are notified, the revenue credited to the vendor, and the order status set to “processing”. The vendor can optionally ask the buyer to pay a part of the quote as a deposit using STRIPE, as a security. 

The leading platform for fleet sales

Other marketplaces are oversaturated and don’t focus on the B2B new mobility ecosystem. Joyride Garage gives you a direct channel to professional buyers of fleet products.


Why Join Joyride Garage?

Don't just take our word for it--Read testimonials by Joyride Garage customers.


Still have questions? Schedule a vendor consultation with the Joyride Garage Team.

How are shipping logistics managed?

Logistics are managed individually at the buyers request. Vendors are responsible for agreeing on the Incoterms with the buyer and forwarding a shipping quote from their preferred logistics partner. Depending on the Incoterm agreed, the buyer might be responsible for a part of the delivery, as for example in CIF or FOB terms.

Which product certifications should I be aware of?

Vendors are asked to add all quality and safety certifications to their product descriptions and share them with buyers during the deal nurturing process. It is up to the buyer’s sourcing staff to control whether the certificates of the vendor's product(s) adhere to their country's quality and safety requirements.

Can I set a MOQ for each product listing?

Yes, you can! Joyride Garage is a B2B marketplace, and as such you can control the minimum and maximum order quantities for each product via your vendor dashboard. When adding a new product, make sure you enter the MOQ as well as any options for product customizations.

How should I price my products?

The 'request a quote feature' on Joyride Garage offers you the necessary flexibility to adjust your prices to each buyer, while keeping an indicative price to attract interest. You can also choose to display your product in catalog mode without prices.

How is catalog mode different from regular product listings?

Catalog mode will hide the add-to-cart button and price of the product. Customers interested in purchasing the product must then use the chat or 'request a quote' function. When the price and shipping terms are agreed upon, the customer will pay through one of several payment options available on Joyride Garage.

Can I run a promotion on my product(s)?​

Vendors can offer discounts on their products at any time. Simply enter the discounted price via the vendor dashboard and it will display as a promotion on the product page. Stay tuned for future promotion options.

Can I control which countries my products are available in?

Joyride Garage gives you the unique possibility to control the visibility of your product by country. For Europe you might have different prices compared to the USA, and thus list two separate products with different prices. Or you might sell only in a certain region and not worldwide. With our country visibility feature that’s under your full control. 

What will help my products sell on Joyride Garage?

Ensure that your product listings are as detailed as possible including high resolution photos (taken from multiple angles), product specifications, quality tests and standards. Fast and reliable communication is critical when a customer submits a quote request or contacts you via the chat. Engage your customer in a thorough lead qualification and nurturing process, and you will have the best results.