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Request quotes, arrange shipment details and send payment all through a unified platform.

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Need customizations? Have questions? Speak directly with suppliers using the chat function.

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Browse high quality fleet vehicles and components from vendors around the world.

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Joyride offers fleet-based financing solutions with competitive interest rates.

Why buy on Joyride Garage?

Read more about shipping costs, payments, and fees in our FAQ section below.

How is Joyride Garage different from other multi-vendor marketplaces?

Large marketplaces are general and you will have difficulties finding a curated selection of the best products for your business. Furthermore, vendors from other marketplaces cannot tell you whether your software, IoT and vehicle choice are all integrated with each other. The Joyride Garage staff maps such integrations and can assist in your conversation with the vendor (in multiple languages!).

What is the benefit of buying fleet products here versus an offline order?

Vendors on Joyride Garage must adhere to our terms and conditions, and warranty policy. With offline purchases, you often don’t have the power to get your products fixed or refunded. Also, the sales persons of OEMs change frequently and can be difficult to contact with time zone differences. The Joyride Garage provides a one-stop-solution where you can get your questions answered, buy your product, and contact the vendor for after sales support.

Are all of the products available on the Garage compatible with Joyride software?

The Garage is a marketplace for the entire industry and independent from the Joyride Software Platform. Please verify hardware compatibility with the vendor. Joyride constantly integrates with new products and welcomes your suggestions!

Can you help me buy from a supplier not listed on the Garage?

The Joyride Garage team is experienced in facilitating fleet sales with suppliers of all sizes, as well as coordinating global forwarding and shipping logistics. Contact us to let us know which fleet products you’re searching for and how our team can help.

The leading platform for fleet sales

Other marketplaces are oversaturated and don’t cater to the new mobility niche. Joyride Garage gives you a direct channel to qualified and professional sellers of fleet products.

Order your fleet from the source

From search to fulfilment–all in one place! The Joyride Garage is an e-commerce marketplace that brings together vendors and buyers of fleet products designed for B2B purposes such as sharing, rental, logistics and more.

Fast, flexible and fully yours

Purchase exactly the number of vehicles, smart locks, docking stations or helmets that you need--without in-between fees. Negotiate order quantity and logistics with the vendor and get fleet orders shipped straight to your operational HQ.


Still have questions?
Get in touch with the Joyride Garage Team.

What are the payment options?

Large fleet orders are usually paid via direct bank transfers to minimize processing fees. The Garage offers international online transfers via WISE, or you can pay with your bank’s banking system. Joyride Garage also offers credit card and country-specific payment options through Stripe.

Does Joyride Garage QA these products?

Vendors are verified by our team, but Joyride does not QA individual products. Ask the vendor for the time window in which you can send a Quality Controller to their factory. Joyride Garage can also provide this service for a fee.

Can I order customized fleet vehicles? (color, logo, etc..)

Some vendors may offer customised orders, depending on MOQ and other factors. Please message the vendor about possibilities for customization.

Can I order a sample unit?

Some suppliers offer sample units and others do not. Please message the vendor to confirm whether or not they offer sample vehicles and other fleet products for testing.

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping costs are determined by the production and storage location, as well as the specifics of your products ordered. The Garage provides you a convenient way to communicate with the vendor to find out the lead time and shipping costs specific to your order or quote.

How long will it take to ship my order?

Shipping time is dependent on the production and storage location of the vendor, as well as where you want your products to be shipped. Message the vendor to ask about production times and typical shipping estimates to your country.

Do these products meet regulatory / safety standards?

Ask the vendor to provide all safety certificates that are necessary for your country, such as Conformité Européenne (CE) and more. Vendors can send you any relevant certificates via Joyride Garage's chat function.

What options are available for insurance?

Insurance widely varies per country. Please contact your national insurer to find out the conditions for getting your fleet purchase insured.

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