Payment Policy


This Payment Policy outlines the accepted payment methods for transactions on Joyride Garage, ensuring secure and transparent financial transactions between buyers and sellers. By using our platform, users agree to comply with the payment terms specified below.

Accepted Payment Methods:

Credit and Debit Cards:

Accepted for purchases under $5,000.

Buyers can securely make payments using major credit and debit cards through our integrated payment gateway.

The payment process is streamlined for convenience and efficiency.

Wire Transfer with “Wise”:

Mandatory for purchases equal to or exceeding $5,000.

Upon agreement between the buyer and seller, funds will be transferred to an escrow account designated by Joyride Garage.

The escrow account will be held by a trusted third-party financial institution to ensure the security of funds during the transaction process.

Process for Credit/Debit Card Payments:

For purchases under $5,000, buyers can choose the credit or debit card option during the checkout process. The payment will be processed securely through our payment gateway.

Upon successful payment authorization, the order will be confirmed, and the transaction will proceed.

Process for Wire Transfer with Escrow:

For purchases equal to or exceeding $5,000, buyers and sellers must agree to use the wire transfer option. The buyer will initiate the wire transfer to the designated escrow account provided by Joyride Garage. Upon receipt of funds, the platform will notify the seller to proceed with order fulfillment. The escrow account will securely hold the funds until the buyer confirms satisfactory receipt of the goods or services. Once the buyer confirms, the funds will be released to the seller. In case of disputes or discrepancies, the platform will follow the outlined dispute resolution process.

Important Notes:

All transactions and payment details are encrypted and secured using industry-standard protocols.

Users are responsible for any fees associated with their chosen payment method.

Wire transfer instructions and escrow details will be provided during the checkout process for applicable transactions.

Dispute Resolution:

In the event of a dispute regarding a wire transfer with escrow transaction, Joyride Garage will follow the dispute resolution process outlined in our Dispute Resolution Policy.

Contact Information:

For any payment-related inquiries or assistance, please contact our support team at

Credit Card Chargeback Waiver Policy


By completing a purchase on Joyride Garage, the buyer acknowledges and agrees to waive their right to initiate a credit card chargeback for the transaction. This policy is in place to ensure fair and transparent resolution procedures and to prevent misuse of chargeback mechanisms.

Conditions for Waiver:

  1. Good Faith Transactions:

The waiver applies to transactions conducted in good faith, where the buyer has received the purchased goods or services as described on the platform.

  1. Dispute Resolution Process:

Any concerns or disputes related to a transaction should be addressed through the platform’s established dispute resolution process outlined in the user agreement.

  1. Communication with Sellers:

Buyers are encouraged to communicate directly with sellers to resolve any issues or discrepancies before considering a chargeback.


This policy is implemented to promote open communication and collaboration between buyers and sellers on Joyride Garage. It aims to provide a fair and efficient resolution process for any concerns that may arise during or after a transaction.


Waiving the right to a credit card chargeback does not affect the buyer’s ability to use the platform’s dispute resolution process for valid concerns. Buyers’ RMA rights described in our policies are not affected by Joyride Garage’s credit card chargeback waiver policy regulations.  Joyride Garage remains committed to facilitating positive and mutually beneficial transactions for all users.

Policy Updates:

Joyride Garage reserves the right to update this Payment Policy. Users will be notified of any changes, and continued use of the platform constitutes acceptance of the updated terms.