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About GEM

Rooted in campus, community, and urban mobility, GEM has been the low-speed vehicle (LSV) market leader since 1998, and was the first commercially-produced street-legal LSV in the U.S. Ever since, GEM has been shuttling people and goods across college and business campuses, city centers, neighborhood communities, and more. GEMs are the answer to alleviating congestion, pollution, and fuel prices in urban mobility.

Joyride and GEM partner

...to offer North American operators this diamond of a vehicle for sharing, rental, and leasing. Each GEM comes sharing-ready with Joyride's integrated connectivity solution. Mini-EVs are on the rise and the missing gap in electrified mobility. With GEM powered by Joyride, it has never been easier to launch your mini-EV sharing business!


Urban cruiser, beach buggy, bus, truck? GEM does it all.

Electric vehicles engineered for local transportation

Unlike golf carts, GEMs are street legal on most roads speed limited at 35 mph (50 kmh), with a top speed governed at 25 mph (40 kmh). Additionally, GEMs are engineered to exceed low-speed vehicle (LSV) federal safety standards.

Choose your fast charger

Charging options 3-6x the standard 1 kW chargers on the market today.

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Need extra range?

Add some additional juice for your extended adventure. You can choose battery packs between 25 and 50+ miles on a single charge.

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