Embracing Solar Micromobility: A Brighter Future Than Solar Cars

Embracing Solar Micromobility: A Brighter Future Than Solar Cars

In recent times, numerous solar EV companies have embarked on the journey of commercializing electric vehicles (EVs) equipped with solar roofs. Yet, their endeavors have faced challenges in achieving widespread success. The underlying cause is rather straightforward: the ratio of energy consumption to PV-panel surface area is disproportionately small, resulting in the solar energy generated on a car's surface falling significantly short of the energy required for driving.

However, a more favorable scenario emerges when considering micro mobility vehicles. Interestingly, the battery cells used in a single electric car can produce an astonishing 40 e-bike battery packs. Micro mobility vehicles, in contrast, consume merely a fraction of the power expended by electric cars per kilometer traveled. Take the example of a Tesla, which consumes approximately up to 25 kWh per 100 kilometers, compared to an electric moped's approximate 5 kWh. It is this promising contrast that leads us to anticipate the rise of solar scooters, solar delivery trikes, and similar vehicles in the near future.

One of the trailblazers in solar micro mobility is Agao, in collaboration with Joyride, actively seeking pilot customers eager to offer solar scooters and mopeds for rental services. While their appearance might appear robust in images, Joyride's testing revealed the comfort of the expansive footboard, the reliability of airless fat tires, the stability of the riding experience, and the added wind protection provided by the front PV panel.

Agao's scooters are a quintessential match for rental in secure, sun-soaked environments or point-to-point rental setups by businesses. With self-charging capabilities within 7-14 hours, envision a scenario where battery swapping and extensive charging routines are nearly eradicated, substantially reducing costs linked to battery replacements. The Agao solar scooters emerge as an unrivaled catalyst for cost-efficient operations.

Intrigued? Get in touch with Agao here to pioneer a sustainable pilot initiative in your city, differentiating yourself distinctly from competitors. Embrace the radiance of solar micromobility, illuminating a future that outshines solar cars.
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